the diary of customer's visiting

Created Date: 2016-08-11 22:46:36

In 28th March, 2017, i was very tired and went home earlier than normal.
At 20:50, my phone was ringing.
“Hello. It is Aaron Yang; we are manufacturer of producing wedding invitation cards.” I spoke.
I tried to make us more professional and tried to make my English speaking sound veritable.
“Hi; are you Aaron.... Wedding invitation cards..., I am from...; i will come now.... Where are you?... How long time?...”
He spoke very clearly; but my listening is too poor.
It sounds funny as international sales manager. But it is true!
From the calling, I knew he was in Xiaobei and he would leave Guangzhou at 11:00 tomorrow, so he had to come. But he would spent about 1hour and half to our office from Xiaobei and i was very tried. So I hoped he would cancel and he wouldn’t come.
After 30mins, he called me: “I am in taxi; please tell the driver your address.”
Oh, coming! Oh, OK...
I drove car to office also, met him and his son at 23:35 in our office.
We spent 1hours on talking and choosing the wedding cards.
In end, he chose the wedding cards designs as below:
Flocked wedding card; folded; square size; there is flocking,ribbon and nice buckle on the front.
It looks very beautiful because of the collocation on the front.
Transparent invitation card; very long; printing white ink on transparent plastic.
It looks very nice and elegant.
Customized Laser cut invitation card; 4sides laser, with names on the belly band;
It looks royal.
Laser cut wedding card; it is laser pocket invitation; you may print your text on the insert and put it in the laser pocket. There is a ribbon bow on the front.
It looks like beautiful girl.

invitation card; it looks like imperial edict.
If your wedding invitation text are foiled on the imperial edict card, you will get more blessing.
And some new designs:

At 1:00, I drove them to their hotel in Xiaobei.
When i arrived my home, it is 2:40; I was very tied but happy.
The next I made the invoice and sent him, waiting for their payment...

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